Our Story

21 years of creating remarkable wine

About our Winery Cascina Intersenga


Cascina Intersenga was founded in 1995 by Uwe Burchard and his wife Rena Czarnetta. The first wine was produced from the old Barbera vines which had been unkept for long years before. The vines were growing on the typical clay soil of the Monferrato area, on the gentle slopes facing southwest.

In the following years more of the Barbera vines and also Arneis and Chardonnay vines were planted and by the year 1999 vines were growing on a total of 2,5 hectares and up to 12.000 bottles of wine were filled every year.

In the year 2017 the Winery was certified as organic.

2018 the new owners Ilja and Isabel Burchard as well as Hans Rittmannsperger and Shawn Brown took over the Winery and in 2020 the new grape variety of Nebbiolo which can now be officially produced in the Monferrato was planted on 1 more hectare. 


Just in the spring of 2020 we started a new vineyard of around 1 hectare where we planted the Nebbiolo grape. A new step for us with this famous Piemonte red wine and also a new step for our Monferrato wine region where Nebbiolo became a doc appellation only in the fall of 2018.

We are very excited to learn how the Nebbiolo will develop and wait for the first wines to come out of our journey by the year 2023/24.